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Helping Improve Diagnosis & Treatment

The Flexible Bronchoscopy Program at Cincinnati Children’s provides direct and immediate access to the lungs through a visual examination of lungs and airways. A bronchoscopy is performed primarily for diagnosis, but can also be used for treatment of specific conditions. Our Flexible Bronchoscopy Program evaluates more than 1,200 children each year, providing rapid diagnosis for a range of problems, and treatment for a number of specific conditions.

Bronchoscopy: A Versatile Tool

Physicians request bronchoscopies for a variety of reasons, and our team has found that the visual examination often helps patients and their families better understand the medical condition they face.

We approach bronchoscopy with three main considerations: safety, comfort and the right answer. Our constant review of procedures keeps the procedure as safe as possible for your child, and we are experts in using light sedation to keep children comfortable during the procedure. Getting the right answer means that all proper instruments, reasons and conditions are in effect to achieve the correct results.

Many of our patients have complex issues that may require multiple diagnostic or surgical procedures. We make great effort to minimize the number of procedures by combining our bronchoscopies with other procedures under the same anesthesia whenever possible.

Flexible bronchoscopy is a very informative procedure that can help you and your child’s caregivers better understand the nature of his problems. This better understanding ultimately leads to the best possible outcome for your child and family.