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Young Adult and Child Life

Young Adult and Child Life Specialists are an integral part of a patient’s treatment team. They provide developmentally appropriate activities for patients and family members of all ages; educate and prepare patients for medical procedures; and serve as a resource for parents and other professionals regarding hospitalization issues. Their goal is to reduce the emotional impact of illness on patients and families by forming relationships and providing support through the diagnosis and treatment journey.

Standard Child Life Services include:

  • Disease education / central line education
  • Procedural support / teaching coping techniques for procedures
  • Help maintain privacy – Set up quiet time for teens in room where they are not disturbed unless medically necessary
  • Sibling support – educational books for younger siblings
  • Children support – education and support if the patient has children to  increase their understanding of the patient’s diagnosis
  • Parent support / family support
  • Pet Therapy
  • Diversional Activities:
    • Young Adult Cancer Center key card – access to Young Adult Cancer Center which features games, video games, TV and movies
    • Young Adult Cancer Center activities every Tuesday and Thursday night (includes: bingo, uno tournament, craft nights, wii tournament, nail painting, scrapbooking, collage art, tie dye, poker tournament, movie night)
    • Laptops, game systems, movies, magazines, books, games, decks of cards, sudoku / word searches / crossword puzzles, crafts

For more information on available services, please contact:

Activity Center: 513-803-1286

Pagers: 513-303-1018; 513-303-1016

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