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Cardiac Rehabilitation

About the Program

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised program designed to optimize a patient's cardiovascular function, self-confidence, nutrition, and daily living habits for leading heart-healthy lives.

Our program is designed to:Cardiac Rehabilitation.

  • identify, modify, and manage risk factors
  • alleviate/lessen activity related symptoms
  • educate about management of heart disease
  • improve quality of life in patients

This includes physician-prescribed and developmentally-appropriate exercise and physical activity goals, patient and family education, psychosocial assessment, nutrition assessment, and outcomes assessment.

Treatment Plans

In concert with the medical staff, our exercise physiologists develop an individualized treatment plan specifically designed to optimize fitness, nutritional, and social goals.

Treatment plans are developed based on:

  • A series of initial assessments that include a cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET)
  • Six minute walk test
  • Sit to stand test
  • Arm curl test
  • Hand grip test
  • Sit and reach measurements.

The CPET is conducted before and after the cardiac rehabilitation program to document improvement while the other assessments are done every 30 days in order to modify the patients individually prescribed program based on the patient’s progress.