To make visits to the Cardiomyopathy clinic easier and more comfortable, it helps to know what to expect.

  • Plan on your visit lasting a minimum of 3 hours for your first appointment. Follow-up appointments are usually about 2 hours unless additional testing is needed.
  • You and/or child will be seeing multiple specialists during the clinic visit.
  • All patients will have a nursing evaluation. You and/or your child may also have an EKG, Echocardiogram, Exercise Stress test, Laboratory tests or Cardiac MRI. Some patients will see a pharmacist and/or a genetic counselor. Read more about these tests by visiting the Cardiac Related Diagnostic Methods page.
  • At the end of the visit, the physicians will discuss with you their findings and plan of care and continued care.
  • Because of the complexity of the patients we see, delays are sometimes unavoidable. We always make every attempt to see you and your child in a timely manner and will keep you informed of any delays.
  • To the best of our ability, we will make every effort for you to see the physicians that you have requested. If a staff emergency or illness does occur, you will be seen by another physician on our team.

Preparing for your appointment 

To prepare for your visit, please make sure we have any patient or affected family member's health records or autopsy reports. This information enables us to provide you with a complete assessment. In order to provide the safest care for the patient, your care providers should know about ALL prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbal and nutritional supplements the patient is taking.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Cardiomyopathy/ Heart Failure Nursing Care Manager Karen Hendricks R.N. at 844-227-7307.

The Heart Institute is committed to high quality patient care. We are also committed to clinical teaching and laboratory research that helps advance the level of care for children and families with cardiac conditions.

The Heart Institute Division of Cardiology Late Arrival Policy: Please note that because of our busy clinics, we are attempting to keep to our schedule as closely as possible. As a courtesy to patients who arrive on time, patients who arrive 30 minutes or more late for their appointments may not be seen in the order in which they arrive, and may be asked to reschedule. Thanks for your understanding and consideration for other families.