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Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention Program

Innovative Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures for Complex Heart Conditions

The Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention Program at Cincinnati Children’s uses advanced minimally invasive techniques to diagnose and treat heart conditions. We perform more than 800 cases each year, including new and innovative procedures. Our highly experienced team also collaborates with a wide range of specialists. This approach means we give your child the most effective and safest care.

Cardiac catheterization (cath) is a specialized procedure to study or repair the heart. A catheter, or thin flexible tube, is placed into an artery or vein through a small cut in the leg, arm or neck. The doctor uses X-rays to guide the tip of the catheter to the heart to help diagnose heart problems. Interventional catheterization uses the same procedure to treat heart conditions.

Our experts regularly study and train for innovative approaches to cardiac catheterizations and therapies for complex heart conditions. Our high-volume cardiac catheterization lab uses the latest technology.  

What Sets Us Apart

A team approach and our research form the core of what we do. Our cardiac cath interventionists partner with surgeons, imaging experts and many other specialists to improve care for your child. 

Our doctors lead and participate in clinical trials for the most advanced procedures including using catheter-based interventions for congenital interventional catheterization. This means your child gets access to leading-edge treatments.

Our team is active in improving cardiac catheterization interventions to treat congenital heart defects and for transcatheter interventions. Our doctors hold leadership positions in the American Academy of Pediatrics and take part in advanced training opportunities from the Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Hybrid cardiac catheterization suite: Our specialty hybrid cardiac catheterization suite allows our interventionists and heart surgeons to perform crossover procedures with other specialists. This lets your child receive two procedures under one anesthesia, reducing the risk of complications.
  • MRI visualization: We work with imaging specialists to plan and perform highly precise procedures. Once asleep under anesthesia, your child receives a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test right before a catheterization procedure. This lets the doctors view the blood vessels and blood flow through the heart and determine the best approach.
  • The Joint Pediatric Congenital Heart Program Case Management Conference: This program is a collaboration between Cincinnati Children’s and Kentucky Children’s Hospital. Your child’s medical history, test results and imaging are reviewed by all the heart surgeons, cardiologists, interventionalists and clinicians from both organizations. Experts from different specialties discuss and recommend the best treatment plan for you or your child. After the conference, we contact you and your referring doctor to talk about care options, such as a catheterization or intervention, surgery or both.