Injury is among the most under-recognized public health problems facing our nation today and is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality among children in the United States.  Injuries cause more deaths in children over the age of 1 than all diseases combined. Nonfatal injuries requiring medical attention affect approximately 20 million children and adolescents and cost $17 billion annually in medical costs.

At Cincinnati Children's, we have made reducing the prevalence of pediatric injuries in our community part of our strategic plan, and we have set a goal to reduce by 30 percent the occurrence of injuries in children less than five years old across the nine following zip codes: 45204 | 45205 | 45206 | 45207 | 45212 | 45214 | 45215 | 45225 | 45229

Currently, we partner with neighborhood agencies and nonprofits, schools, churches, health departments, EMS providers, and local governments to implement school and community-based educational programming, and events to promote safety.  Additionally, through our Building Safety on Your Block program, we are able to visit families in their homes to provide and install free home safety equipment proven to be effective at preventing injuries.  Over the past few years, families receiving our home safety bundle have decreased their likelihood of having a child visit our Emergency Room by up to 59%.

If you live in one of the communities listed above and would like more information about our home safety program; or to find out how to volunteer, please call 513-517-HOME (4663), or email at