At the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, we help children who are having seizures enjoy the best quality of life possible. This means minimizing their seizures, reducing medication side effects, addressing emotional and developmental concerns, and helping families better understand their child’s condition. If your child is experiencing seizures, our multidisciplinary team will be with you every step of the way.

Why Choose Us

  • Our experienced team—Our core team includes pediatric neurologists who specialize in epilepsy, clinical psychologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, genetic counselors, social workers, a clinical pharmacist and dieticians. These dedicated individuals work together to develop each child’s treatment plan and provide comprehensive, personalized care.
  • Multidisciplinary clinics—Children receive the care they need in one convenient location. This means patients do not have to travel from department to department, or make multiple trips to the hospital to see different specialists.
  • Comprehensive treatment options—We offer all available treatment options for epilepsy, including medication management, epilepsy surgery and ketogenic diet.
  • Focus on quality of life—Our team looks at how epilepsy is affecting every area of your child’s life, and provides effective treatment strategies as needs arise.
  • Family-centered approach—We recognize that family members are an important part of each child’s care team, and include them in every care decision.
  • Cutting-edge research—Our specialists participate in clinical research to better understand epilepsy and find more effective treatment options.
  • Online Second Opinions—Our nationally-recognized specialists provide online second opinions for families. They will review your case and answer specific questions about a diagnosis or treatment options. It’s easy, convenient and secure. Plus, you don’t have to leave home. Our case manager will collect your medical records and guide you through the process.