As treatments for childhood cancer and blood diseases continue to improve, more survivors enter into their reproductive years with the hopes of starting families of their own. Recognizing that future fertility can be of great importance to long-term quality of life, our team from the Comprehensive Fertility Care & Preservation Program at Cincinnati Children’s offers a variety of options and services to patients and their families.

All Patients: Pre-treatment fertility education, counseling & risk stratification

Our team strives to provide all newly diagnosed patients with an understanding of the risks that their particular diagnosis -- and its proposed treatment -- will have on their pubertal development and future fertility.

All Patients: Post-treatment fertility counseling & evaluation

Our team will also evaluate patients post-treatment for evaluation of gonadal damage and discussion of fertility options in patients who did not receive pre-treatment evaluation.

There may be personal considerations you want to discuss with our fertility specialists, such as cultural or religious beliefs, emotional implications, genetic risks, prognosis and odds of success.

Please feel free to share your opinions, thoughts, questions, or considerations with any of our team members during your initial consultation or anytime they arise.