The Cincinnati Children's Fetal Care Center specialists treat many fetal conditions once considered life-threatening or only treatable after birth. While many conditions can be managed through noninvasive therapies, some fetal conditions require surgery.

Thankfully, expectant mothers experiencing high-risk pregnancies have access to one of the best fetal surgery facilities in the country.

The Fetal Care Center is one of only three fetal surgery centers in the United States with the expertise to perform the full range of fetal surgical interventions, including open fetal surgery.

Since 2004, we have performed more than 1,850 fetal surgical procedures.

Our Facilities

The Fetal Care Center features a dedicated fetal surgery unit at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The operating room is specifically designed for open fetal surgery, minimally invasive fetoscopic surgery and complex ex-utero intrapartum treatment (EXIT) procedures. The unique design and inclusion of surgical equipment, medical video equipment, voice activation and image management solutions enable our surgeons to operate with the highest level of efficiency and communication, ensuring the best possible outcome.

The operating room is big enough for two operating teams, allowing us to perform surgery on both the mother and baby in the same location during EXIT procedures. Likewise, our collaborative team includes specialists who focus on the mother and baby during these procedures so that the needs of both are handled with equal care.

The center includes inpatient and outpatient facilities. Five state-of-the-art recovery rooms are designed for women admitted for recovery after fetoscopic surgery, open fetal surgery or an EXIT procedure.

The center also includes an ultrasound suite, exam room, consultation rooms, three “nesting” rooms (you, your baby and family can rest after your procedure) and conference facilities.

In addition, a unique hybrid cardiac catheterization lab, part of the Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s, provides neonatal cardiac catheterization, combined neonatal open heart / catheter procedures and fetal cardiac interventions.