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Genetic Testing for Hearing Loss

Customized Interpretation of Test Results

Genetic factors play a role in up to two thirds of all childhood hearing impairment. Molecular genetic testing assists otologists by providing insight into the etiology of hearing impairment in children. It is estimated that between 50 and 100 genes are involved in the functioning of the ear. Mutations in any of those genes may cause hearing loss.

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Cincinnati Children’s now offers OtoSeq, our next-generation sequencing panel of 23 genes associated with hearing loss. The panel was designed to identify approximately 80 percent of the genetic causes of early onset sensorineural hearing loss. Recently issued practice guidelines by the American College of Medical Genetics support the use of next-generation sequencing tests such as OtoSeq in the comprehensive evaluation of patients with hearing loss.

> Download the OtoSeq Physician Guide for details. 

Why Choose Cincinnati Children’s for Genetic Testing?

At Cincinnati Children's, we believe that a clinical perspective is crucial to the interpretation of genetic test results. That's why we have a practicing, board-certified pediatric otolaryngologist and molecular geneticist review and interpret each test result for the physician audience and make specific recommendations for your patients.

We provide high-quality molecular genetics testing and sophisticated test interpretation for patients with sensorineural hearing loss. Our services assist otologists by providing insight into the etiology of hearing impairment in children, which may lead to better patient care.   

Our testing services can offer many benefits for patients and physicians: 

  • Accurate determination of the etiology of the patient’s hearing loss
  • Reduction or elimination of the need for further invasive and costly diagnostic tests
  • Basis for prognostic information about future hearing and potential medical complications
  • Guidance regarding treatment and long-term medical management, particularly for young infants
  • Definitive information on which to base family genetic counseling

Helping you Fit the Pieces Together

Comprehensive, coordinated testing.

Cincinnati Children’s offers a wide selection of genetic tests for patients with sensorineural hearing loss. Our diagnostic tests are easy to order, results are timely and clinically relevant, and we offer both institutional and third-party billing. 

Customized test results.

We customize test results for each patient. We incorporate clinical information with the genetic test result into a comprehensive report. The report explains the clinical significance of test results and provides recommendations for additional testing, if warranted, as well as for clinical management.

Consultation with recognized clinical experts.

Our team includes board-certified pediatric otolaryngologists, molecular geneticists and genetic counselors. These experts provide telephone or email consultations to referring physicians regarding test selection, clinical interpretation, medical management and follow-up testing, genetic counseling and additional studies of at-risk family members.

Diagnostic Test Sheets and Requisitions

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