Scheduling an Appointment

Appointments can be scheduled prior to getting a referral, but a referral is recommended to help coordinate your care with your primary care provider and should be obtained before the initial visit. After the appointment is scheduled you will be mailed an information packet that contains questionnaires which must be completed. Please review and complete this questionnaire prior to your appointment as it is an important part of your evaluation and will be reviewed completely at your visit. If you have not received these questionnaires, please contact 513-636-4222 to have them sent electronically. You must bring this packet with you to the clinic appointment. The questionnaires will be reviewed by our staff before your child’s evaluation by the medical team.

We value the relationship with your child’s primary care provider and will send them a detailed letter describing treatment recommendations after each visit to the Headache Center.

Initial Visit

The child or adolescent is evaluated by a neurologist who specializes in Headache Medicine and a psychologist. A registered nurse who is experienced in pediatric, adolescent and young adult headache treatment will educate the child and family at the end of the visit. The evaluation will include:

  • A review of the questionnaire
  • Detailed headache history, including family history
  • Complete neurological and comprehensive headache exam
  • Assessment by a child psychologist to determine pain-related coping, overall emotional adjustment, barriers to treatment adherence, and creation of a treatment plan for mental and behavioral health issues as needed.

Additional studies may be ordered, such as lab work or medical imaging.

After your child’s evaluation, the Headache Center team will work with your family in developing an individualized treatment plan to meet your child’s needs.

What to bring to your first visit:

  • Information packet, including completed questionnaires and diaries
  • Results of previous studies
  • A written list of questions for team members

Follow-up Appointments

Follow up visits in the Headache Center are primarily conducted by a nurse practitioner who is an expert in headache management. An experienced registered nurse will educate the child and family at the end of the visit.

Children, adolescents and young adults may be offered the opportunity to learn computer-assisted biofeedback relaxation techniques for headache management in a one hour session at a follow up visit or may be recommended for cognitive behavioral therapy to learn more extensive pain management skills. A licensed social worker is also available to provide support with school and psychosocial concerns related to headache. We will continue to treat your child until the headaches are well controlled and no longer a problem. In general, good headache control is defined as 4 or less headaches a month with short duration and minimal disability. You should expect a follow up visit every 6-8 weeks until this level of headache control is sustained.

After therapy is completed, our team remains available to patients and families when needed.