Genetic Testing for Heritable Pancreatic Disease
Test Catalog and Requisition

Test Catalog and Requisition

The Heritable Pancreatic Diseases Genetic Testing Service at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center performs a variety of tests for patients of all ages. Doctors need not be affiliated with Cincinnati Children's to order tests.

Pancreas Panels by NGS

  • Pancreas Panel (CASR, CEL, CFTR, CLDN2, CPA1, CTRC, PRSS1, SBDS, SPINK1, UBR1 with PRSS1 deletion/duplication via MLPA)

Single Gene Sequencing

  • Family specific variant analysis for any of the above listed genes

Note: Single gene sequencing is available for all genes in the Pancreas Panels. Please see Custom Gene Sequencing for any gene that is not specified above.

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