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Rehabilitation Equipment

Providing Children With the Safest, Best-Fitting Rehabilitation Equipment

About Rehabilitation Equipment

As the only exclusively hospital-based pediatric home rehabilitation equipment company in Greater Cincinnati, Home Care Services at Cincinnati Children’s recognizes children are not merely small adults.

Children come in all shapes and sizes, and so should their home rehabilitation equipment. Our rehabilitation equipment is made expressly for kids. And every member of our staff is a pediatric specialist.

Depending on your child’s diagnosis, your child can receive specialized pediatric equipment that best fits her needs, size and diagnosis.

What Sets Us Apart

Pediatric Experts

Cincinnati Children’s Rehabilitation Equipment is unlike any other medical equipment company in the region. We are the only rehabilitation equipment company solely dedicated to the rehabilitation equipment needs of children.

The rehabilitation equipment pediatric experts of Cincinnati Children’s and Home Care Services Rehabilitation are committed to providing children with the safest, best-fitting equipment, and have the talent to work with children of all ages.

At Cincinnati Children’s, our main concern is the health of children. Our team of rehabilitation equipment experts works with:

  • Cincinnati Children’s rehabilitation physicians
  • Cincinnati Children’s PhD specialists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Rehabilitation technology specialists

Pressure Mapping

Pressure mapping provides your physician and rehabilitation technology specialist with the ability to measure and map where your child applies pressures to his seat. Using this information, specialists can fit your child with a more comfortable seat, which improves quality of life and reduces the possibility of pressure wounds. This service is uniquely offered in the Cincinnati area by Cincinnati Children’s.

Customer Service

Our team of customer service representatives will manage your wheelchair or other rehabilitation equipment order from the initial evaluation meeting through the final delivery and fitting of equipment. Call 513-636-HOME (4663) for more information.

Types of Equipment


Power Wheelchairs

A power wheelchair is a customized mobility base with specialized motors that will allow your child to move independently with greater freedom.

Custom Manual Wheelchairs

A custom manual wheelchair is a special-ordered specifically sized wheelchair system designed for your child’s individual needs.

Rental Wheelchairs

For patients requiring short-term wheelchair use, we carry a comprehensive variety of rental wheelchairs that are designed just for children.

Ambulatory Aids

Rehabilitation equipment offers the following items for purchase:

  • Custom specialized ambulatory aids, including reverse walkers.
  • Standard ambulatory aids, including walkers.
  • Crutches – both forearm and underarm crutches for all pediatric sizes.
What to Expect

Once your child has been referred to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Home Care, our team of professionals will work with you and your child to evaluate your child’s equipment needs.

Based on this assessment, you may be referred to the Cincinnati Children’s Wheelchair Clinic. An appointment will be made for your child to receive a comprehensive wheelchair evaluation. Our team of professionals will work with you and your child to evaluate and prescribe the seating system that works best.

Our customer service representatives will work with your child’s insurance carrier to complete the authorization approval. Once the authorization has been approved, an appointment will be made at your convenience to deliver your child’s equipment to your home. At that time, any necessary equipment adjustments will be made and complete usage instructions will be shared.

Hospital Beds

  • Custom beds for purchase
    • Bed enclosures
    • Electric beds
    • Semi-electric beds
    • Manual beds
    • Bed rails
    • Over-the-bed tables
  • Rental beds
What to Expect

Once your physician has prescribed a hospital bed for your child, our rehabilitation technology specialist will meet with you and your child to evaluate and select the best bed to meet your child’s needs. After the authorization has been received by our customer service representatives, your bed will be ordered. Once completed to your child’s specifications, we will deliver and set up your bed in your home.

Aids to Daily Living

Your child’s physician may decide to prescribe equipment to aid your child in her everyday activities:

  • Dining equipment
  • Bathroom equipment
  • Car seats
  • Dressing aids
  • Education tools
  • Sensory stimulation tools
What to Expect

Once your equipment has been prescribed, our customer service representatives will make all arrangements for selecting, submitting insurance forms, ordering and delivering your child’s equipment.

Contact Information

For more information about Rehabilitation Equipment or any other Home Care service, contact us via phone at 513-636-4663, option 2, or email us at homecareservices@cchmc.org.