The Latest Techniques, the Best Results

We use a variety of techniques to correct limb problems, many not involving surgery. If surgery is needed, we often use minimally-invasive techniques. Our experts offer a full spectrum of treatment techniques for limb lengthening and reconstruction, including:

  • Self-lengthening rods are intramedullary devices which lengthens the bone without requiring an external fixator or repetitive surgery.
  • Guided growth techniques are minimally invasive techniques allowing for correction of the lower extremity, including correction of angular deformities and limb length inequalities. 
  • Complex external fixation is offered through a variety of fixation techniques including hexagonal fixators, multiaxial correction devices, Ilizarov fixators, and monolateral frames. 
  • Image guided surgery is used in combination with minimally invasive surgery using an intraoperative 3D imaging device to help increase accuracy of surgical techniques as well as minimize the surgery. 
  • Minimally invasive techniques are used to decrease standard surgery and increase rehabilitation.
  • Prosthetic conversion