Choosing the right clothing can help hide the fixator, provide a protective shield to help prevent dust and dirt from invading the pin sites, and keep your child comfortable in all kinds of weather.

  • Snap-on nylon sports pants or shorts may be the most comfortable articles of clothing to wear.
  • Pants can be altered to help fit over the fixator by cutting the inside and/or outside seams up to the crotch and inserting pieces of fabric.
  • During the summer months, consider wearing shorts or pants with the pant leg cut off above the external fixator.
  • For females, loose-fitting dresses or skirts are preferable.
  • Underwear must have a wide leg diameter and be very stretchy. They can be split in the seam, and snaps or hooks and loops can be added.
  • When it comes to shoes, sneakers are recommended. If the external fixation device covers a part of the foot, you will need to modify your child's shoes.
  • If the fixator covers the foot area, a foot ring with a rubber sole can be worn instead of a shoe.