We provide patients and families with information about all phases of care for liver transplants, including:

Paying for a Liver Transplant

Pediatric liver transplants are very expensive, costing $100,000 or more, including the surgery itself, medication and long-term follow up. Insurance can often help cover the cost, and our team is here to help you navigate the financial component of your child’s care.

One of the first steps will be for you to talk with a transplant financial manager at Cincinnati Children’s. This person will call you to discuss your insurance coverage and transplant-related benefits. He or she also will contact your insurance provider for additional information about your coverage.

Even if you have good insurance coverage, it is likely that you will have many uncovered expenses related to your child’s liver transplant. Paying for meals, lodging and extra gas are some examples. Your transplant financial manager and a social worker will share information with you about financial assistance opportunities. These may include charitable organizations willing to help cover your expenses and websites to help you set up a fundraising campaign.