Close monitoring and follow-up are important after a transplant. You and your child will be required to remain close to the hospital for two to three months after the transplant surgery. Your child will be seen one to two times a week in the transplant clinic and will receive outpatient physical therapy two to three times a week. We will also be performing frequent blood work and pulmonary function testing.

Our goal for your child is to have as normal a life as possible after their transplant. Your child will be able to return to their regular routine, including school. You will return to Cincinnati Children’s every three to six months for follow-up. We will show you how to check vital signs so you can send that information to the transplant team. We will closely monitor for subtle changes in your child’s medical condition, and your transplant team will be working closely with your child’s pediatrician and referring physician to ensure the best possible outcome.

"The ability to go back to school, to interact with friends, to play sports these are all things that we hope all of our kids will be able to do after the transplant." 
- Lung Transplant Team