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Pulmonary Function Laboratory

Achieving the Highest Standards in Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function testing is a tool used to assess respiratory disease. Through the series of tests we offer at our Pulmonary Function Laboratory, we can accurately diagnose and monitor your child's condition, ensuring we provide the most timely, effective treatment.

We provide a range of non-invasive, painless tests to identify and evaluate your child's condition. We collaborate with your child's physician, making it easier to diagnose specific problems and plan the most effective treatment options.

What to Expect During Testing

During your child's pulmonary function test (PFT), we allow one parent or guardian to stay in the testing room. Other adults, children or siblings can stay in our waiting room.

Most tests are done with a mouthpiece filter and nose clips. Our therapists will make sure your child is comfortable with the tests. Pulmonary function tests are effort dependent; not all children are able to perform the tests, and children younger than age five might not produce clinically useful results. Our therapists will coach your child to achieve the best effort, and we may ask you to return for follow-up testing to obtain the necessary information about your child's lung health.