Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Testing Catalog and Requisition

IEOM Tests Offered

The Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEOM) Diagnostic Testing Program at Cincinnati Children’s offers comprehensive diagnostic testing of patients suspected of having a FAOD. Clinical genetic testing is performed by the Molecular Genetics Laboratory, which is CAP and CLIA certified. 


Elevated C16 Gene Sequencing Panel (CPT2 and SLC25A20)
Glycogen Storage Disease Gene Sequencing Panel
GSD type I Gene Sequencing Panel (G6PC and SLC37A4)
LCHAD/TFP Gene Sequencing Panel (HADHA and HADHB)
Metaboseq Gene Sequencing Panel
Riboflavin Disorders Gene Sequencing Panel

Single Gene Sequencing

ACADM (MCAD deficiency)
ACADVL (VLCAD deficiency)
ALDOB (Hereditary Fructose Intolerance)
GAA (Pompe disease)
CPT2 (CPT II deficiency)
SLC22A5 (Primary carnitine deficiency)

IEOM Test Requisition Form

Download our Inborn Errors of Metabolism testing requisition form in portable document format (.pdf).

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