Neurodevelopmental and Educational Clinic
What to Expect

Your Child's NDEC Visit

Due to the number of experts involved with care coordination, expect your child’s visit to last approximately 4 hours. To make this easier on you and your child, the entire visit will be located in the Heart Institute (HI) Cardiology Clinic in the “C” Building on the 4th Floor. Many families find it helpful to bring snacks, drinks, toys or books to occupy their children during the lengthy appointment. 

During your visit, an expert from each specialty will assess your child and his / her challenges. Our team of professionals will meet together at the conclusion of the assessments and create a summary and plan specific to your child. This summary and plan will be shared with you at the end of the clinic visit along with next steps that will help you to pursue further evaluation as recommended by the Neurodevelopmental and Educational Clinic (NDEC) team and/or begin accessing appropriate services. Throughout the visit and at the end of the appointment, you will have time to ask questions. 

The HI NDEC assessment will be sent to you, your primary care provider, your cardiologist and other members of your child’s care team. 

Based on the results of evaluations and follow up assessments, the NDEC team may advise that you and your child partner with our Education Care Team to address school-related needs. The NDEC Education Care Team is comprised of Educational Specialists and School Liaisons. With your permission, they are available to collaborate with your child’s school to ensure that teachers better understand your child’s medical status and its implications on learning. A review of your child’s evaluation and the associated recommendations will secure a path for continued growth and success. 

Follow-up Services Closer to Home

Many follow-up services (such as occupational therapy / physical therapy) can be provided at one of our Cincinnati Children's outpatient satellite clinics.

Contact Us

For more information, please call:

Sharon Flynn-Nelson
NDEC Program Manager
513-803-NDEC (6332)