The neurosurgery team at Cincinnati Children’s cares for patients with all types of neurologic disorders, including the most rare and complex. Our program is one of the largest, most comprehensive in the United States, and our neurology and neurosurgery services are ranked No. 3 in the nation in the 2017-18 list of Best Children’s Hospitals published by U.S. News & World Report. Our team works collaboratively with other pediatric specialists at Cincinnati Children’s to provide sophisticated, yet always compassionate, care for patients and their families, many of whom travel to our facility from around the world.

Using technology available at only a few pediatric institutions worldwide, our skilled neurosurgeons are able to remove certain deep-seated tumors and other brain lesions previously considered inoperable. We use minimally invasive surgery techniques, which utilize computer-guided navigation to remove lesions with minimal blood loss, pain and scarring. Neurosurgeons at Cincinnati Children’s pioneered these techniques, which make neurosurgery as accurate, effective and safe as possible.