Pain Management
Resources for Patients & Families

Pain Management Resources for Patients & Families

Chronic pain is sometimes very frustrating and can make people feel powerless. Knowledge, as they say, is power. Understanding more about chronic pain can be very helpful in helping you/your child return to a more normal life. There are a number of good resources you can find online that may help you to understand what is going on with your/your child's pain. The following links lead to videos that were either made here at Cincinnati Children’s or were made by people known to us as experts.

When Pain is the Disease.
Cincinnati Children's explains Phantom Limb Pain.
Anxiety and Pain in Children.
Chronic Abdominal Pain in Children.
Physical Therapy for Hypermobility Pain.
Pain Management for Pancreatitis.
Physical Therapy for chronic pain.
Why using Psychology is important for helping chronic pain.
Some differences between chronic pain & acute pain.
An introduction to our inpatient functional restoration program for kids and young adults with disabling pain.
Live online video chat about Pain in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.