Individualized and Specialized Care

At the Pectus Program, our team has designed a streamlined process which keeps you as the patient front and center.  Our team collaborates with a number of specialists from departments such as Radiology, Cardiology, and Pain Management who customize care to fit your individual needs. Within the Pectus Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, we house experienced and educated surgeons who utilize the latest surgical and care techniques to provide the highest quality of treatment.  We keep innovation at the forefront of our program to ensure you receive specialized care specific to your needs. 

Our program is part of the Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. This ensures the care you  receive is focused and efficient. When working with our team, you will interact with one reliable set of specialists who take the time to listen and comprehend your needs to give the individualized care you deserve.

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