Get the Facts. Be Prepared.

Getting your flu shot is the best defense against the flu.

Prepare for an Unpredictable Flu Season

It's hard to predict what a given flu season is going to be like. Which is even more reason to get a flu shot. Because it's such an unpredictable disease and can change so much, it's very important to get vaccinated. Just because you've never had the flu doesn't mean you won't get it. Be prepared.

Stay Healthy - and Help Others Do the Same

The flu shot doesn't just help prevent influenza. It also keeps the flu from spreading. You can do this by making sure everyone in your "family circle" gets a flu shot each year.

Everyone Young and Old Needs to Get the Shot

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a flu shot for everyone 6 months and older. You must be vaccinated if you are a child or you have children, if you're elderly, or if you have underlying health issues. But it's truly recommended that everyone gets vaccinated.

The Vaccine Won't Give You the Flu

One of the biggest reasons why some people won't get the flu shot is that they think the vaccine will give them the flu. Not so. The shot enables your body to develop special proteins that help you fight the flu. The shot is your best defense.

Bottom Line: Getting the Flu Shot Lowers Risks

There is evidence showing that getting the flu shot has the potential to reduce influenza, medical visits, missed days of school and work, and hospitalizations.


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