A Bold Commitment to Proton Therapy Research

At Cincinnati Children’s, we are determined to find more effective therapies that treat cancer effectively and lead to fewer complications later in life.

The Cincinnati Children’s Proton Therapy Center has ambitious research plans that are focused on finding ways to use proton therapy more effectively to treat cancer. Our center:

  • Is a national hub for particle-based cancer research, with a $24 million investment in infrastructure. We also have plans for ongoing expansion, including the creation of research cores and an education and technical center.
  • Takes a “team science” approach to research that brings together collaborators from multiple areas of specialty and expertise
  • Is a one-of-a-kind facility with the country’s only “built-in” research center that includes a dedicated, research-only gantry along with integrated laboratories

We collaborate with researchers at the University of Cincinnati, the University of Cincinnati Physicians and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, as well as scientists at Varian Medical Systems, the company that manufactures our proton therapy equipment. By spearheading these research efforts, Cincinnati Children’s aims to improve outcomes for everyone − both children and adults − facing cancer.