Focused Radiation Therapy Will Reduce Long-Term Side Effects of Collateral Radiation

At Cincinnati Children’s, we are committed to advancing knowledge and offering the most progressive treatments possible to optimize outcomes for children and young adults with cancers and leukemias. Opened in August 2016 on our Liberty Campus, our Proton Therapy Center—one of only two such centers in the nation owned by a children’s hospital—provides a new kind of focused radiation treatment that minimizes damage to areas surrounding tumors. The medical procedure itself involves a type of particle therapy utilizing a beam of protons to irradiate diseased tissue with a more precise radiation dose when compared to traditional radiation.

More than four out of five of our cancer patients will be able to benefit from this therapy, which is intended to reduce long-term side effects caused by collateral radiation to nearby healthy tissues. The Proton Therapy Center will begin seeing patients in September 2016. 

John Perentesis, MD, FAAP, is the director of the Division of Oncology at Cincinnati Children's. He envisions a dramatic change in pediatric cancer care in the near future.

“We are committed to developing the newest and most advanced treatments for cancers and leukemias in children and young adults. Our new proton therapy and research center will provide leading-edge treatment essential for the care of our patients," he says. "And allow us to attract the best physicians and researchers to take this technology to the next level.”

Dr. Perentesis shared his excitement for the up-and-running Proton Therapy Center in a Cincinnati Children's blog post soon after the center opened

The Proton Therapy Center, operated in conjunction with University of Cincinnati Medical Center and University of Cincinnati Physicians, features three treatment bays, or gantries, with additional space for a fourth bay to be built when needed. One gantry will be devoted to pediatric patients, one to adults, and one exclusively to research. The research specific bay will be the only proton gantry in the world fully dedicated to clinical research, and will help Cincinnati Children's attract the world's best physicians and researchers to launch this exciting technology to the next level.