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Young Adult Cancer Center

Our young adult cancer program provides comprehensive, specialized care to patients up to age 39 who have been diagnosed with a pediatric cancer.

Unique Needs for Young Adults with Cancer

Many young adults (ages 15-39) diagnosed with cancer actually have a form of cancer that typically affects children. Choosing the right place for care is critical for their long-term survival and success. Young adults respond differently to cancer therapy than older adults. Side effects and treatment protocols are different. Plus they have different emotional needs – like school, work or raising a family of your own. Cincinnati Children’s can help.

Our well-established, Young Adult Cancer Center was designed with all of these considerations in mind. We specialize in treating cancers typically found in children but also understand the unique physiological and psychological needs of young adults. Our center provides world-class cancer care and the support you need to keep living your life in the midst of a cancer diagnosis. We are here for you during every step in the journey ahead.

Why Choose Us

Deep Experience and Expertise

Our specialists see a high volume of young adult cancer patients every year. This gives them a broad and deep understanding of what treatment strategies work best for young adults, whether you are newly diagnosed or have cancer that has returned. Our young adult cancer specialists are nationally recognized for their expertise.

Access to New Treatments Through Innovative Research

Cincinnati Children’s is one of the largest centers in the United States for pediatric and young adult anti-cancer drug research. We offer the latest technology and most advanced therapies − some of which were originally developed by our own doctors and researchers. As a research hospital, Cincinnati Children’s often has access to new treatments that may not be available at other institutions. Our researchers offer cutting-edge science from basic research to an extensive list of clinical research studies in hopes of improving the prognosis and quality of life for patients with brain tumors.

Advanced Genetic Testing

Patients with a high-risk or relapsed cancer undergo genetic testing. This helps the team identify potential therapeutic targets and match patients with the best available anti-cancer drugs.

Cutting-Edge Radiation Therapy

We offer proton therapy, one of the most precise and advanced forms of radiation therapy available in the world today. This specialized technology destroys cancer cells while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues and organs. The Proton Therapy Center at Cincinnati Children’s is one of only a few centers in the US owned by a children’s hospital. Cincinnati Children’s is the only proton center with a dedicated research gantry to support the development of safer radiation treatment.

Internationally Recognized Bone Marrow Transplant Program

Our bone marrow transplant team has performed more than 2,300 bone marrow transplants. The team helped develop transplant procedures that are now the standard of care in 240+ cancer centers throughout North America.

Well-being Support Services for the Whole Family

The Cancer and Blood Disease Institute’s Patient and Family Wellness Center supports the psychosocial needs of our patients and their families in order to enhance their quality of life while involved with treatment. Services include social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychology, nutrition, school intervention, therapeutic massage, music therapy, art therapy, child life and more—all integrated into your care plan.

Team-Based Care

Leading your care team is an oncologist and, depending on your treatment plan, other members may include experts in radiation therapy, surgery, orthopedics, fertility, psychology and social work. Your appointments will take place in our multidisciplinary clinic, which means fewer trips the hospital and better care coordination.

Special Spaces and Support for Young Adults

We treat our young adult patients as adults even though we’re a children’s hospital. Our young adult cancer clinic is just for our patients ages 15-39 separate from the clinic for children. We can also connect you with another young adult cancer survivor our program, who will listen to your story, talk about theirs, and share what helped them get through.

Educational Services

If you are in school, chances are you already had a pretty busy life before you got cancer. You might already be wondering how all this is going to affect your classroom attendance, participation and grades. Can you juggle chemo and classwork? Will your teachers or professors work with you so you don’t get off track? These are good questions, and our licensed professional educators can help you answer them, establish realistic goals and make a plan for the future.

Preserving Fertility for Patients’ Adult Years

As a global leader in fertility preservation, we work to protect a patient’s ability to have biological children later in life. Our Comprehensive Fertility Care and Preservation Program provides consultations to every patient. They have services and treatments to preserve fertility in all ages from infancy to adulthood.

Tumor Survivorship Program

Cancer and cancer treatment can create health problems later in life. Our Cancer Survivorship Center offers long-term follow up to detect and treat problems early. The team also provides cancer survivors with the education and resources they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Second Opinions

Cincinnati Children’s provides second opinions for young adults with pediatric cancers. Our team can provide clarity and insight to a high-risk or refractory brain tumor diagnosis. Second opinions help you understand all of the available treatment options and make a more informed decision about which therapy is best.