Services & Specialties

Rasopathy Clinic

The Rasopathy Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s specializes in a complex group of genetic conditions called the rasopathies. They include:

Comprehensive Care

Because these conditions impact numerous body systems, the management needed can be overwhelming for patients and families.

The Rasopathy Clinic is part of the Division of Human Genetics. We can help coordinate appointments among all specialties (internal and external), ensuring that the appropriate care is being received at the right time. You will have access to numerous providers in genetics, neurology, cardiology, endocrinology and oncology who have expertise in the rasopathies. In some cases, you can even be seen by multiple specialists in the same appointment.

These specialties work together to provide a holistic approach for patient care, providing not only physical care but addressing the emotional needs of patients and families as well.


The rasopathies are a major area of research at Cincinnati Children’s. Our close relationship with these researchers means that our clinic will be on the forefront of cutting-edge treatment and technology, providing a big benefit for our patients.

Patients seen in our clinic may have the opportunity to participate in research studies that can help us better understand the rasopathies and can contribute to the discovery of future therapies.

Online Second Opinions

Our nationally-recognized specialists provide online second opinions for families. They will review your case and answer specific questions about a diagnosis or treatment options. It’s easy, convenient and secure. Plus, you don’t have to leave home. Our case manager will collect your medical records and guide you through the process.