Reading and Literacy Discovery Center


The Reading and Literacy Discovery Center (RLDC) currently provides the following services:

  • Clinical evaluations to determine the possible causes of reading and written language difficulties in children six years to 12th grade, and evidence-based interventions
  • Research studies to test new and potential treatments for reading difficulties
  • Information for parents, teachers, pediatricians, and researchers with resources about reading difficulties and treatment programs
  • Collaborative opportunities for educators in the Cincinnati community to explore reading evaluation methods and evidence-based treatments
  • Research support for literacy outreach programs and interventions such as Reach Out and Read

Clinical Services

The RLDC performs comprehensive evaluations to determine your child’s reading strengths and weaknesses, and screens for conditions that may affect reading and literacy. We provide a diagnosis as well as detailed recommendations and strategies for working with your child at home and in school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we help?
The RLDC provides evaluations for children ages six years old through 12th grade who are struggling academically or have trouble with reading, spelling, and / or written expression.

Who performs the evaluations?
A qualified speech-language pathologist with a specialty in the evaluation and treatment of reading and writing disorders including dyslexia.

Where are the evaluations?
Evaluations and consultations take place at the main campus and satellite locations of Cincinnati Children’s. Please call 513-803-READ (7323) for available locations.

Is there a fee for service?
There is a fee for our services. Insurance and Medicaid accepted. Please call 513-803-READ (7323) for more information.

Do you have a list of other agencies in the community that evaluate reading, writing, and/or math skills?
Community Resources for Educational or Academic Evaluations