Speech-Language Pathology
Pre-Visit Orientation

Pre-Visit Information

Referrals, Insurance, and Financial Aid 

Before scheduling an appointment in the Division of Speech-Language Pathology, a healthcare provider must submit a referral to us and to the family’s insurance company.

Families are encouraged to check with their insurance company regarding benefits and authorization requirements before their child’s first appointment. Our insurance specialists are available for assistance. We also provide families with written information to help them in working with their insurance company.

Cincinnati Children’s is committed to providing services to all children, regardless of the ability to pay. Financial assistance is available by contacting one of our financial counselors at 513-636-0201.


We are committed to helping as many children as possible and to providing the best service that we can to each one. This can only be done if all appointments are kept, including the first one − the evaluation.

We want all patients to make progress and meet therapy goals. However, a child’s success is dependent on consistent attendance in therapy.

Our attendance policy is as follows:

  • If an evaluation appointment is not kept and not canceled, we will not be able to reschedule it without another referral from the physician.
  • If a therapy appointment is not kept and not canceled, this may be the basis for termination of therapy.
  • Frequently canceled therapy appointments (more than one canceled visit for every eight visits scheduled) will be the basis for termination of therapy. We will not be able to reschedule therapy without another physician referral.

Parent Orientation

  • The team in the Division of Speech-Language Pathology at Cincinnati Children’s has developed a comprehensive information packet for parents of new patients. 
  • Parents are an integral part of the treatment team.
  • To help this partnership work effectively, we encourage parents of all new patients to read our parent orientation information.
  • You can download the parent orientation packet in portable document format (.pdf).

Important Phone Numbers

Speech Pathology at Cincinnati Children's.

Referrals: Fax to 513-803-1111

Appointments: 513-636-4341

Assistance with insurance preauthorization: 513-636-3442

Financial counseling: 513-636-0201


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