What specific services does the clinical program offer? 

The Concussion Rehabilitation Program takes an active rehabilitation approach based on the latest evidence and consensus statements to deliver optimal care to those patients following an atypical recovery from concussion. Treatment approaches include:

  • aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • manual therapy
  • vestibular / oculomotor screening and treatment
  • balance and coordination exercise
  • return to sport programming

The physical therapists work closely with the referring provider to ensure appropriate return-to-play decisions are safely made.

Who would benefit from the program?

Children who suffer from typical and atypical concussions. If someone is experiencing persistent symptoms following a concussion injury, a thorough physical therapy evaluation may be warranted.

At what locations do you offer this service?

Concussion management is available at all our neighborhood locations

What makes the team experts?

We are among the leaders in pediatric concussion management, performing the latest evidence-based approaches to treatment and performing cutting edge research to drive innovation and improve outcomes. Our team has been extensively trained and has great experience in pediatric concussion evaluation and treatment at all of our neighborhood locations, making us easily accessible to the athlete.

Who should I contact for more information?

  • Phone: 513-803-4878 (HURT)