Pediatric Stone Center

Current Research

The multidisciplinary Stone Center at Cincinnati Children’s offers efficient, well-coordinated care, but does it improve clinical outcomes? Common sense says “yes,” and now a retrospective study at Cincinnati Children’s provides evidence in three key areas. Read more about how the Stone Center improves outcomes.

Metabolic Evaluations in Morbidly Obese Children

The Divisions of Nephrology, General Surgery and Urology at Cincinnati Children’s along with our colleagues at the University of Chicago are studying the risk for developing recurrent stone disease following bariatric surgery.  The specific aim is to study the urine in morbidly obese children who have undergone gastric bypass surgery.  The urine is tested to understand if there are metabolic links or common substances in the urine so we can better care for children who have had such surgery. 

Medical Therapy for Ureteral Stones

William DeFoor Jr., MD, and his research team are studying the use of medical expulsive therapy to increase the passage of ureteral stones without needing surgery.  The intent of this study is to determine if medical therapy can speed up the passage of a urinary tract stone. Patients and families who are in the study have been counseled on the risks and benefits of medical therapy to assist in the passage of a stone versus the need for surgical intervention.

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