Down Syndrome
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Our Down Syndrome Diagnosis: A Mother’s Story

Written by Sarah, Sylvia's mom

August 5, 2013, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with almond shaped eyes. The doctors and nurses didn’t notice, but I did.

After days of waiting and watching, we were given a diagnosis over the phone. A diagnosis we were expecting but were silently praying would be negative: our daughter had Down syndrome.

We cried, called our family, sent a letter on Facebook and grieved the loss of what was “supposed” to be.

Fast forward a few weeks, a few months, a year.

My baby is the most amazing baby on earth! She makes our family complete. She smiles so big and gives hugs that melt your heart. She has taught me to celebrate the smallest achievements and not to sweat the small stuff (too much). She has changed the way I teach and the way I love – all for the better.

When I go back to that day, I have regrets, but I reacted in a human way and it was a natural response to way lay before me.

One thing I don’t regret is my Sylvie. Without her, I would not be me! I look forward to this journey with her and have high aspirations for what she will do and become in this precious life she has been given.

To anyone going through what we have this year: Have your feelings, they are normal. Hold your baby and love her. She need you and loves you like any other baby. She will be amazing and so will you; just look at us!

Meet Sylvia!

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