Services & Specialties
Transport Team

Round-the-Clock Specialized Pediatric Transport

When critically ill newborns or injured children need immediate medical transportation, our experienced team is available 24 hours a day to give patients expert care and transportation by ambulance or by air. Our medical team not only understands the complexities of your child’s condition, but you can feel secure in knowing safety is our top priority.

A Highly Trained Team

Each year, our skilled team of registered nurses, respiratory therapists, emergency medical technicians and nationally registered paramedics transports more than 2,800 patients. We specialize in newborn and pediatric intensive care, emergency and transport medicine, trauma and altitude physiology.

Our Dispatch Center

Nurses and paramedics at our dispatch center coordinate patient transfers to and from Cincinnati Children’s. We will connect you with a pediatric medical specialist for consultation, when requested, and will work to ensure a smooth transition from beginning to end.

Schedule a Transport

For more information or to schedule a transport, call our dispatch center at 513-636-7126. Long distance is 1-877-258-6416.