Transport Team


Ground Transportation

We own and operate six specially equipped, child-friendly mobile intensive care ground units. These ground units service the Tristate area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The ambulances are stationed at our main campus at Burnet Avenue and north of Cincinnati at our Liberty Campus.

Fixed Wing Air Transportation

When necessary, we use specially configured turbo-jet and Lear jet aircrafts, which provide access to patients across the United States and internationally.

Rotor Wing Air Transportation

We now offer enhanced helicopter transport to regional referring hospitals through our partnership with University of Cincinnati (UCMC) Air Care. All in-flight care is provided by our neonatal and pediatric experts from Cincinnati Children’s, allowing us to provide in-person specialized emergency care for those patients earlier than ever. Our helicopter transports also feature specialized child-specific, right-sized equipment for this patient population.


The critical-care transport team uses the most up-to-date equipment, including invasive and non-invasive cardio-respiratory monitoring, transport nitric oxide, newborn and pediatric ventilators, emergency medications, chest drainage systems and cervical spine immobilization equipment.

Dispatch Center

Our dedicated dispatch center, staffed by critical-care transport nurses and paramedics, can be reached at 1-877-258-6416 or 513-636-7126. One phone call will connect you with the person who will make all of the necessary arrangements to activate the team. The Transport Team will be on its way within minutes of notification.


We value the opportunity to participate in the continuing education of practitioners in our community by offering transport-related educational programs.

Total hospital charges for a service or a procedure for an individual patient will vary based on the combination of hospital services provided, including drugs, supplies, lab tests, or radiology procedures.

To view prices related to medical transportation, download the pdf copy of the price disclosure required under Kentucky law.

Hospital prices do not reflect what patients pay for services. This is determined by your insurance coverage that includes out-of-pocket requirements and contracted rates and discounts based on agreements between payers and Cincinnati Children's.

To obtain an estimate of the price you would pay for a service, you may contact our Customer Service Department at 1-877-430-8495 or 1-513-636-4427. Prior to calling for a price estimate, you will need the following information:

  • Description of services or the CPT procedure codes, which may be obtained from your referring physician
  • Name of your insurance plan

Contact Us

For more information or to schedule a transport, call our dispatch center at 513-636-7126 (long distance is 1-877-258-6416).
Emergency equipment for the Cincinnati Children's Transport Team.
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