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Types of Ventricular Assist Devices

Our Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) program offers a diverse range of circulatory support devices, enabling us to support all children and young adults, regardless of size or cause of heart disease.

The Ventricular Assist Device Program offers the following VADs:

Short-Term Support Devices

A machine that takes the place of the heart and lungs. This is a short term therapy for heart and lung failure. More information.
A pump that assists the heart but not the lungs and allows the heart o rest while it recovers or supports the patient until they are transitioned to another device. It can be used for multiple days. More information.

Mid-Term Support Devices

A pump that assists the heart and allows it to rest while it recovers or the patient is transitioned to another device. It can be used for multiple weeks. More information.

Long-Term Support Devices

A pump that sits outside of the body that assists the heart get blood flow to all vital organs while the child waits for a transplant. The patient cannot be discharged on this device at the current time. More information.
An internally housed continuous flow pump that can support an adolescent or adult until they receive a transplant. The drive line (the cable that exits the body to provide power and information to the device) exits the abdomen and attaches to a small computer and power source. The goal of this device is to support the patient’s heart function and to get them home. More information.
An internally housed pump that replaces most of the heart so that the older child or adult can be bridged to transplant. Patients can go home on this device by transitioning to the Freedom Driver if they qualify for the FDA study. More information.
Currently in clinical trial, the Jarvik device is an implantable continuous flow device developed for infants greater than 20lbs. The proposed benefits of this device include the potential for infants to go home after recovery and decreased risk for adverse events. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is one of the few approved implanting pediatric institutions.

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