At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, our partnerships play a crucial role in how we care for our patients.

Thanks to these many partnerships, our care team has access to a vast network of resources, can stay abreast of new developments that affect children’s health and bring our own discoveries to as many patients as possible. Our partnerships—a sample of which are detailed below—benefit patient families served by our hospital, but also improve access to care and the quality of care for children throughout Ohio and beyond.

Children’s Hospital Association

Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) is a voice for health systems devoted to the well-being of America's 70 million children and their families and they work to ensure children's access to health care and the continuing ability of children's hospitals to provide services needed by children.  CHA is comprised of not-for-profit organizations of children's hospitals, large pediatric units of medical centers and related health systems, including those that specialize in rehabilitative care of children with serious chronic or congenital illnesses.

Coalition of Independent Children's Hospitals

A partnership with more than 24 other pediatric research based children’s hospitals to advocate for more focus and funding in pediatric research.

Ohio Children’s Hospital Association

The Ohio Children’s Hospital Association (OCHA) is the voice of Ohio's youngest patients, their families and health care providers. OCHA’s six member hospitals are dedicated to saving, protecting and enhancing children’s lives.  Ohio has arguably the strongest network of children’s hospitals in the nation—hospitals that are committed to ensuring that all three million Ohio children have access to the highest quality health care possible. OCHA serve children from all 88 Ohio counties, all 50 states, and dozens of international countries. And, every child receives the medical care they need—regardless of their family’s ability to pay for the care provided.  Nothing matters more to the future of our state, nation and world than protecting the health and well-being of our children. Sustaining and growing our investment in saving, protecting and enhancing the lives of children is both good medicine and sound public policy.

Voices for Ohio’s Children

Voices for Ohio’s Children advocates for public policy that improves the well-being of Ohio’s children and their families by building nonpartisan collaborations among the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  VOC’s vision is for children’s interests to be at the top of every community’s agenda so all of Ohio’s children are poised for success.

Kentucky Youth Advocates

KYA is a non-partisan, non-profit, children's advocacy organization. KYA represents a voice for Kentucky's most precious asset – its youth.  KYA believes that Kentucky's youth deserve the opportunities and resources necessary to ensure their productive development and health. KYA works on behalf of Kentucky's children with the state legislature, the community, and the media.  KYA listens to children, their families, and service providers who are reluctant or unable to raise questions about existing policies.