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Heart-Lung Machine
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Cincinnati Children’s researchers Samuel Kaplan, MD, James Helmsworth, MD, and Leland Clark, PhD, developed the first functional heart-lung machine, opening the door to open-heart surgery. Today there are about 500,000 open-heart surgeries performed annually in the U.S. alone — all predicated on this clinical advancement.

Staff and visitors take a break in the coffee shop, aka the Rainbow Room.

Visitors take a break in the coffee shop, Staff and aka the Rainbow Room.

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In 1952, The Cooperative Society opened a coffee shop and snack bar in the hospital. The coffee shop, known as the Rainbow Room, was in the Children’s Hospital building constructed in 1926. Initially, auxiliary members did the cooking and serving. After the old hospital was demolished and Location S was built on the site, the dining area was named the Rainbow Café as a tribute.