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Sabin Sunday Line

On April 24, 1960 — a day known as “Sabin Sunday,” — 186,000 residents of Cincinnati and Hamilton County received Dr. Albert Sabin’s oral polio vaccine on a cube of sugar.

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Cincinnati Children’s researcher Albert Sabin, MD, develops the oral polio vaccine. Worldwide adoption of the vaccine nearly eliminates the crippling disease. Today it is estimated that 17 million people are walking that otherwise would have been paralyzed.

When science makes great strides, kids can run and play.

Dr Sabin is congratulated by President Ronald Regan.

Albert Sabin, MD, received recognition from Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan (pictured here) for his work on the live-virus oral polio vaccine.

In 1987 Dr. Sabin was interviewed for the Medical Heritage Video Series where he looks back on his work in polio and other diseases. Watch the video.