Why this measure is important:

  • Nursing turnover rate is important because in order to provide excellent patient care, we need the right number of nurses to meet our patients’ needs.
  • Turnover rate is a way to understand the well-being of the nurses working at Cincinnati Children’s.

How we measure:

  • Human Resources Management Services measures this as the annualized number of nurses per 100 who voluntarily or involuntarily leave (terminate) employment with Cincinnati Children’s. Nurses included in this measure are direct care nurses as defined by their job titles and patient care responsibilities.


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What we are doing to improve:

  • We acknowledge that departures from the medical center will occur as part of the employment process. However, when turnover percentage increases, we investigate to identify applicable improvement opportunities. These opportunities may be at the unit level or apply to the system as a whole.
  • Nursing Turnover is monitored to ensure compliance with the current nurse staffing plan as set forth by the Nursing Care Committee. This plan is evaluated by its:
    • Affects on inpatient care outcomes;
    • Effects on clinical care management;
    • Facilitation of a safe and evidence-based care delivery system.
  •  Evaluation of Patient Care and the effectiveness of the nurse staffing plan occurs through annual review of:
    • Financial reviews (including nurse vacancy rates);
    • Quality and safety reports (including staff and patient injury reports);
    • Quality of work life (including employee satisfaction surveys;
    • Patient Satisfaction (including patient and family satisfaction survey
  • Nursing turnover rate is provided to nursing leadership on a quarterly basis for their review.  It is part of the Patient Services quarterly scorecard and is monitored to ensure all performance targets are met.

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