Why this measure is important:

  • Creating a delay-free system of patient-centered flow that puts the right patient, in the right place, at the right time, with the right team is a foundational building block of safe patient care and it greatly improves the experience of the patients and families that we serve. For these reasons, capacity management and percent of patients delayed is a system wide priority at Cincinnati Children’s.
  • Until we are able to optimize and fix the way that patients flow through our system, we will not be able to provide the ideal, safe care and patient experience that we have committed to as an institution.

How we measure:

  • This measure reflects the calculated experiences of the patients from the Emergency Department (ED), Pediatric Inpatient Care Unit (PICU), and Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and is the percentage of ED patients waiting 1 hour or more for admission, patients waiting more than 2 hours for a transfer from the PICU to a regular patient unit and patients waiting 20 minutes or more in the PACU for transfer to a regular patient unit.


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What we are doing to improve:

  • Implemented a daily bed huddle process. These huddles allow us to plan needs across our complex and interdependent system on a daily basis and proactively identify issues that can negatively impact efficient patient flow and safety. 
  • Developed sophisticated prediction models that allow us to better plan for the allocation of patient beds for internal patient transfers from intensive care units and post-operative recovery units.
  • Initiated simulation modeling to predict future program growth. This allows us to forecast our current bed needs while also identifying longer-term resource needs necessary for sustainable quality care. This modeling has also helped us predict needs relative to training, recruitment, and equipment and also help us determine what impact predicted changes will have on institutionally shared resources such as radiology, consult services, and intensive care units.

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