Be it robot-assisted surgery, innovating ways to minimize the radiation used in diagnostic scans, or performing operations even before an infant is born, the expert pediatric urologists at Cincinnati Children’s can deploy all the latest technologies to help a child heal.

But what makes this program stand out is its commitment to the entire child, not just a specific condition. It’s an approach based on a Jesuit tradition known as Cura Personalis.

“We focus on integrated, holistic care. We teach our team to respect everything that makes up an individual because everything is connected,” says Pramod Reddy, MD, director of Urology. “For example, we begin providing nutrition support as much as three months before a surgery because good nutrition is crucial to a successful procedure and fast recovery.”

This dedication to the whole child is one reason why our urology program ranks No. 3 in the country in the 2017-18 list of Best Children’s Hospitals published by U.S. News & World Report.

Families travel to Cincinnati from all around the country to visit our specialty clinics. In the past year, we have performed more than 3,200 surgeries  to help children with complex conditions ranging from complicated birth defects to cancers of the kidney, bladder and testicles.

“We provide a one-stop shop for a wide range of urological conditions,” Reddy says. “Our superb nursing staff also does a phenomenal job of helping make the entire patient and family experience a positive one.”

Why We Stand Out

  • We perform fetal surgery to correct lethal bladder obstructions before infants are born in partnership with the Cincinnati Fetal Center.
  • We were the first pediatric hospital in the world to perform an operation using the da Vinci Xi Surgical System, the latest advance in robot-assisted surgery. 
  • Our Urogenital Center collaborates with our Colorectal Center to help children with the most complex abnormalities of the bladder, urethra, vagina and anus.
  • The Stone Center at Cincinnati Children’s does more than simply provide treatment when children develop stones in their urinary tracts. Our experts provide the education and support needed to prevent stones from recurring.
  • Our Testicular Tortion Program  has developed an innovative system that speeds up the admission and diagnostic process so that nearly all boys with this condition receive treatment well before long-term damage occurs.
  • We also educate physicians and families about common medications that can present serious risks to children with chronic kidney disease. So far, thousands   have received special wallet cards to remind parents of which over-the-counter drugs are safe for their children to take.
  • Beyond expert care, we constantly conduct research to discover the causes of kidney and bladder diseases and to develop better treatments.