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Creating online training for procedures in global health with PEARLS (Procedural Education for Adaptation to Resource-Limited Settings). Bensman, RS; Slusher, TM; Butteris, SM; Pitt, MB; Becker, A; Desai, B; George, A; Hagen, S; Kiragu, A; Johannsen, R; et al. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 2017; 97:1285-1288.

Critical Deficiency Ratings in Milestone Assessment: A Review and Case Study. Kinnear, B; Bensman, R; Held, J; O'Toole, J; Schauer, D; Warm, E. Academic Medicine. 2017; 92:820-826.

Pearls: Procedural Education for Adaptation to Resource-Limited Settings - A Sugar Spin-Off Curriculum. Bensman, RS; Pitt, MB; Slusher, TM; Butteris, SM; Umphrey, L; Rule, AR. Academic Pediatrics. 2016; 16:e51-e52.