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Neurometabolic Specialist, Division of Neurology

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Board Certified

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Infantile epilepsy

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Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Neurology, Epilepsy, Neurology

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  • Burnet Campus

    Burnet Campus

    3333 Burnet Ave.
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45229-3039
  • Mason


    9560 Children's Drive
    Mason, Ohio 45040
  • Anderson


    7495 State Road
    Suite 355
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45255

My Education

PhD: Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, 1989.

MD: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH, 2001.

Residency: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH.

Certification: Pediatrics, 2007; Neurology with Special Qualification in Child Neurology, 2007.

My Publications

The Genomics Research and Innovation Network: creating an interoperable, federated, genomics learning system. Mandl, KD; Glauser, T; Krantz, ID; Avillach, P; Bartels, A; Beggs, AH; Biswas, S; Bourgeois, FT; Corsmo, J; Dauber, A; et al. Genetics in Medicine. 2020; 22:371-380.

A Recurrent Missense Variant in AP2M1 Impairs Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis and Causes Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathy. Helbig, I; Lopez-Hernandez, T; Shor, O; Galer, P; Ganesan, S; Pendziwiat, M; Rademacher, A; Ellis, CA; Hümpfer, N; Schwarz, N; et al. The American Journal of Human Genetics. 2019; 104:1060-1072.

CNTNAP1-Related Congenital Hypomyelinating Neuropathy. Lesmana, H; Lee, MV; Hosseini, SA; Burrow, TA; Hallinan, B; Bove, K; Schapiro, M; Hopkin, RJ. Pediatric Neurology. 2019; 93:43-49.

Pediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: Time to goal target temperature and outcomes. Moler, FW; Silverstein, FS; Nadkarni, VM; Meert, KL; Shah, SH; Slomine, B; Christensen, J; Holubkov, R; Page, K; Alten, J; et al. Resuscitation. 2019; 135:88-97.

Squalene Synthase Deficiency: Clinical, Biochemical, and Molecular Characterization of a Defect in Cholesterol Biosynthesis. Coman, D; Vissers, LE L M; Riley, LG; Kwint, MP; Hauck, R; Koster, J; Geuer, S; Hopkins, S; Hallinan, B; Sweetman, L; et al. The American Journal of Human Genetics. 2018; 103:125-130.

Correlation Among Genotype, Phenotype, and Histology in Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses: An Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis. Aungaroon, G; Hallinan, B; Jain, P; Horn, PS; Spaeth, C; Arya, R. Pediatric Neurology. 2016; 60:42-48.e4.

De novo mutations in KIF1A cause progressive encephalopathy and brain atrophy. Nieh, SE; Madou, MR Z; Sirajuddin, M; Fregeau, B; McKnight, D; Lexa, K; Strober, J; Spaeth, C; Hallinan, BE; Smaoui, N; et al. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology. 2015; 2:623-635.