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Blaise V. Jones, MD

  • Chief, Neuroradiology
  • Associate Director for Clinical Operations
  • Medical Director, MRI
  • Professor, UC Department of Radiology
I like to solve mysteries and find the answers to problems, and I love working with children. These interests led me to become a pediatric neuroradiologist, where I can use my knowledge and advanced technology to solve some of the mysterious problems we see in children.



I like to solve mysteries and find the answers to problems, and I love working with children. These interests led me to become a pediatric neuroradiologist, where I can use my knowledge and advanced technology to solve some of the mysterious problems we see in children. I try to be as clear and straightforward as possible in my reports, and I share both what I know and what I don’t know.

As a neuroradiologist, I do imaging of the brain, face, neck and spine. My patients usually only see me as a name on a report. However, I recognize many of their names when I see them on the schedule, and I feel obligated to treat them as I would my own family.

I was the chief of the Neuroradiology section at Cincinnati Children’s for 20 years, and I am still the director of Magnetic Resonance (MR) Safety. I was president of the American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology, and I am actively involved in the American Board of Radiology, an organization that tests radiologists to ensure they are qualified to practice medicine.

The interpretation of imaging tests can be subjective, based on the examiner’s experience of what looks normal or abnormal. In my research, I'm working on ways to measure the differences between normal and abnormal more accurately, to make our interpretations more objective and consistent. This may allow artificial intelligence to increase our accuracy even more.

In my free time, I like to play the piano and sing, and I hope to join a local bar band one of these days. I am a terrible golfer, but I still try. I also enjoy hiking in Cincinnati's beautiful parks with my wife and our dog.

MD: Georgetown University Medical School, Washington, DC, 1988.

Residency: University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 1989-1993.

Fellowships: Neuroradiology, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 1993-1994; Pediatric Neuroradiology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 1994-1995.

Certification: Maintenance of Certification in Neuroradiology, American Board of Radiology, 2006, 2016; Certificate of Added Qualification in Neuroradiology, American Board of Radiology, 1996; Diagnostic Radiology, American Board of Radiology, 1993; Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners, 1989.


Brain tumors; vascular disease

Services and Specialties

Radiology, Epilepsy, Brain Tumor, Interventional Radiology


  • Brain neoplasms
  • Cerebrovascular disease

Research Areas



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