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Instructor, UC Department of Pediatrics


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Improvements in ultrasound imaging and portability in recent years has made ultrasonography more accessible to bedside clinicians. Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) can be used to obtain valuable diagnostic information and help guide clinical decision-making in real time. While this technology is used widely in adult and pediatric critical care and emergency medicine, its use in hospital medicine remains limited.

My research interest involves point-of-care ultrasound applications in hospital medicine. My colleagues and I hope to demonstrate ways in which adult and pediatric hospitalists can use POCUS to improve quality and timeliness of care.

I pursued this research area after being exposed to ultrasound technology and its uses during my medical school and residency training.

My patient care specialty includes adult and pediatric (med-peds) hospital medicine. I was inspired to pursue this area of patient care while working with med-peds mentors and facilitators in medical school. This experience led me to choose dual training in internal medicines and pediatrics, and then a career in hospital medicine.

Along with my career as a hospitalist and adult care provider/consultant at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, I am also a husband and father. My hobbies include travel, photography and board games.

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Instructor, UC Department of Pediatrics

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Hospital Medicine

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Hospital Medicine

My Publications

Hemodynamic Resuscitation Characteristics Associated with Improved Survival and Shock Resolution After Cardiac Arrest. Janiczek, JA; Winger, DG; Coppler, P; Sabedra, AR; Murray, H; Pinsky, MR; Rittenberger, JC; Reynolds, JC; Dezfulian, C. Shock. 2016; 45:613-619.