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Kellina Lupas, PhD

  • Member, Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology
  • Member, Center for ADHD
  • Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
I’m passionate about helping parents and children succeed, especially when there are behavioral challenges.



My areas of expertise are behavioral medicine and clinical psychology. More specifically, I provide care for families with children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). One of the foundations for my career was my work as a Fulbright Fellow with Dr. Sarah Durston at the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on reward processing in children with ADHD (2011-2012).

I have always loved teaching, working with children, and the study of biology. As an undergrad, I pursued a degree in neuroscience to better understand the mechanisms behind behavior and learning. Over time I transitioned into practicing more clinical intervention work, particularly in applied contexts like the school and home.

There is no handbook given to new parents. When children have impairments, the early stumbling blocks of being a parent may be magnified tenfold. Typically, parents and children I work with have the skills they need to be successful but often fail to use them in the moment because they are stressed, overwhelmed or emotionally spent. I work with families to draw out those skills and help parents and children use them when things don't go so well. I’m passionate about helping parents and children succeed, especially when there are behavioral challenges.

I believe in the innate potential of my patients, and I take a holistic, behavioral approach to family systems. Your child is not an island; they exist both as a member of your family and as a part of many other systems of friends, teammates and classmates. These associations and environments all play a role in a child's development and success. When working with me, we address each system and develop strategies to help your child be successful across all of them.

My research mirrors my clinical work and focuses on motivational, behavioral and training techniques to help adults implement evidence-based practices with greater consistency and self-efficacy.

I am an avid cyclist and often do 40-50 miles at a time exploring Cincinnati and the surrounding area. I also love cooking, playing board games, reading science fiction and fantasy and participating in community theatre!

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