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Attending Physician, Division of Emergency Medicine

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


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Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Clinical Divisions

Emergency Medicine

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Emergency Medicine

My Education

MD: University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI, 2013.

Residency: Pediatrics, Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, New Haven, CT.

Chief Residency: Pediatrics, Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, New Haven, CT.

Certification: Pediatrics, 2016; Pediatric Emergency Medicine, 2021.

Fellowship: Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH.

MS: Clinical and Translational Research, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2020.

My Publications

Pediatric emergency department volumes and throughput during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even, L; Lipshaw, MJ; Wilson, PM; Dean, P; Kerrey, BT; Vukovic, AA. American Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2021; 46:739-741.

"Don't Just Do Something, Stand There ": Embracing Deimplementation of Bronchiolitis Therapeutics. Lipshaw, MJ; Florin, TA. Pediatrics. 2021; 147.

Evidence-based Standardization of Constipation Management in the Emergency Department: A Quality Improvement Study. Lipshaw, MJ; Zamor, RL; Carson, R; Mallon, D; Sobolewski, B; Vukovic, AA; Kurowski, EM. Pediatric Quality and Safety. 2021; 6.

High-Flow Nasal Cannula in Bronchiolitis at a Pediatric Emergency Department: Trends and Outcomes. Lipshaw, MJ; Vukovic, AA; Dean, P; Semenova, O; Zhang, Y; Eckerle, M; Kurowski, EM. Hospital pediatrics. 2021; 11:119-125.

Invasive Bacterial Infections in Afebrile Infants Diagnosed With Acute Otitis Media. McLaren, SH; Cruz, AT; Yen, K; Lipshaw, MJ; Bergmann, KR; Mistry, RD; Gutman, CK; Ahmad, FA; Pruitt, CM; Thompson, GC; et al. Pediatrics. 2021; 147.

Antibiotic Use and Outcomes in Children in the Emergency Department With Suspected Pneumonia. Lipshaw, MJ; Eckerle, M; Florin, TA; Crotty, EJ; Lipscomb, J; Jacobs, J; Rattan, M; Ruddy, RM; Shah, SS; Ambroggio, L. Pediatrics. 2020; 145.

An 11-Month-Old With Vomiting, Altered Mental Status, and Hypoventilation. Rudloff, J; Lipshaw, MJ; McKee, C; Colman, RJ; Vukovic, AA. Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine. 2020; 21.

Factors Associated With Antibiotic Prescribing and Outcomes for Pediatric Pneumonia in the Emergency Department. Lipshaw, MJ; Florin, TA; Krueger, S; Belsky, MA; Epperson, T; Crotty, EJ; Lipscomb, J; Jacobs, J; Rattan, MS; Ruddy, RM; et al. Pediatric Emergency Care. 2019.

A Novel Approach to Assessing Infants With Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Grossman, MR; Lipshaw, MJ; Osborn, RR; Berkwitt, AK. Hospital pediatrics. 2018; 8:1-6.