Richard A. Lang, PhD

Director, Visual Systems Group

Academic Affiliations

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

UC Department of Ophthalmology

Phone 513-636-2700

Fax 513-803-0740


Wnt ligands in tumorigenesis; vascular regression and tissue regeneration; lens induction and morphogenesis.

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BSc: Co-major in genetics and biochemistry, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1984 (with honors).

PhD: University of Melbourne, Australia, at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research under Drs. AR Dunn and TJ Gonda, 1988.

Postdoctoral Fellow: The G.W. Hooper Research Foundation, University of California, San Francisco under Dr. JM Bishop, 1989-92. Studied the role of the macrophage in developmentally programmed tissue remodeling.

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Yeo EJ, Cassetta L, Qian BZ, Lewkowich I, Li JF, Stefater JA 3rd, Smith AN, Wiechmann LS, Wang Y, Pollard J, Lang RA. Myeloid WNT7b mediates the angiogenic switch and metastasis in breast cancer. Cancer Res. 2014 Jun 1;74(11):2962-73.

Rao S, Chun C, Fan J, Kofron JM, Yang MB, Hegde RS, Ferrara N, Copenhagen DR, Lang RA. A direct and melanopsin-dependent fetal light response regulates mouse eye development. Nature. 2013;494(7436):243-6.

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Chauhan BK, Lou M, Zheng Y, Lang RA. Balanced Rac1 and RhoA activities regulate cell shape and drive invagination morphogenesis in epithelia. PNAS. 2011 Nov 8;108(45):18289-94.

Plageman TF Jr, Chung MI, Lou M, Smith AN, Hildebrand JD, Wallingford JB, Lang RA. Pax6-dependent Shroom3 expression regulates apical constriction during lens placode invagination. Development. 2010 Feb;137(3):405-15.

Lobov IB, Rao S, Carroll TJ, Vallance JE, Ito M, Ondr JK, Kurup S, Glass DA, Patel MS, Shu W, Morrisey EE, McMahon AP, Karsenty G, Lang RA. Wnt7b mediates macrophage-induced programmed cell death in patterning of the vasculature. Nature. 2005 Sep 15;437(7057):417-21.