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Director, Visual Systems Group

Professor, UC Department of PediatricsUC Department of Ophthalmology



Biography & Affiliation

Research Interests

Wnt ligands in tumorigenesis; vascular regression and tissue regeneration; lens induction and morphogenesis.

Academic Affiliation

Professor, UC Department of PediatricsUC Department of Ophthalmology


Ophthalmology, Developmental Biology


BSc: Co-major in genetics and biochemistry, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1984 (with honors).

PhD: University of Melbourne, Australia, at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research under Drs. AR Dunn and TJ Gonda, 1988.

Postdoctoral Fellow: The G.W. Hooper Research Foundation, University of California, San Francisco under Dr. JM Bishop, 1989-92. Studied the role of the macrophage in developmentally programmed tissue remodeling.


An opsin 5-dopamine pathway mediates light-dependent vascular development in the eye. Nguyen, MT; Vemaraju, S; Nayak, G; Odaka, Y; Buhr, ED; Alonzo, N; Tran, U; Batie, M; Upton, BA; Darvas, M; et al. Nature Cell Biology. 2019; 21:420-429.

Developmental vascular regression is regulated by a Wnt/beta-catenin, MYC and CDKN1A pathway that controls cell proliferation and cell death. Nayak, G; Odaka, Y; Prasad, V; Solano, AF; Yeo, E; Vemaraju, S; Molkentin, JD; Trumpp, A; Williams, B; Rao, S; et al. Development (Cambridge). 2018; 145:dev154898-dev154898.

YAP/TAZ-CDC42 signaling regulates vascular tip cell migration. Sakabe, M; Fan, J; Odaka, Y; Liu, N; Hassan, A; Duan, X; Stump, P; Byerly, L; Donaldson, M; Hao, J; et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA. 2017; 114:10918-10923.

Myeloid Wnt ligands are required for normal development of dermal lymphatic vasculature. Muley, A; Odaka, Y; Lewkowich, IP; Vemaraju, S; Yamaguchi, TP; Shawber, C; Dickie, BH; Lang, RA. PLoS ONE. 2017; 12:e0181549-e0181549.

Loss of Macrophage Wnt Secretion Improves Remodeling and Function After Myocardial Infarction in Mice. Palevski, D; Levin-Kotler, L; Kain, D; Naftali-Shani, N; Landa, N; Ben-Mordechai, T; Konfino, T; Holbova, R; Molotski, N; Rosin-Arbesfeld, R; et al. Journal of the American Heart Association : Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease. 2017; 6.

CD133-positive dermal papilla-derived Wnt ligands regulate postnatal hair growth. Zhou, L; Yang, K; Carpenter, A; Lang, RA; Andl, T; Zhang, Y. The Biochemical journal. 2016; 473:3291-3305.

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Non-canonical Wnt signalling modulates the endothelial shear stress flow sensor in vascular remodelling. Franco, CA; Jones, ML; Bernabeu, MO; Vion, A; Barbacena, P; Fan, J; Mathivet, T; Fonseca, CG; Ragab, A; Yamaguchi, TP; et al. eLife. 2016; 5.

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