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Director, Heart Institute Digital Media and 3D Modeling Program

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


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Echocardiography; cardiac MRI; Cardiology Consult Service; General Cardiology Outpatient Clinic

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Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

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Cardiac MRI, Heart

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Ovarian tissue cryopreservation


Ovarian tissue cryopreservation

Ryan A. Moore, MD, Ken Tegtmeyer, MD ...7/3/2019

Heart Assist Devices Making a Difference

Heart and Lung

Heart Assist Devices Making a Difference

Ryan A. Moore, MD, David L. S. Morales, MD ...6/30/2019

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BlogHeart Conditions

New Animations: Surgical Repair of Congenital Heart Disease

By Ryan Moore, MD2/29/2016


BlogFetal Conditions

Heartpedia: An Interactive 3D App Featuring Congenital Heart Defects

By Ryan Moore, MD7/11/2014

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COVID-19 and the role of 3D printing in medicine. Tino, R; Moore, R; Antoline, S; Ravi, P; Wake, N; Ionita, CN; Morris, JM; Decker, SJ; Sheikh, A; Rybicki, FJ; et al. 3D Printing in Medicine. 2020; 6.

Probenecid Improves Cardiac Function in Subjects with a Fontan Circulation and Augments Cardiomyocyte Calcium Homeostasis. Rubinstein, J; Woo, JG; Garcia, AM; Alsaied, T; Li, J; Lunde, PK; Moore, RA; Laasmaa, M; Sammons, A; Mays, WA; et al. Pediatric Cardiology. 2020; 41:1675-1688.

Mid-term Outcomes of the Supported Ross Procedure in Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults. Riggs, KW; Colohan, DB; Beacher, DR; Alsaied, T; Powell, S; Moore, RA; Ginde, S; Tweddell, JS. Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 2020; 32:498-504.

The total artificial heart in pediatrics: outcomes in an evolving field. Villa, CR; Moore, RA; Morales, DL; Lorts, A. Annals of Cardiothoracic Surgery. 2020; 9:104-109.

Expanding the donor pool for congenital heart disease transplant candidates by implementing 3D imaging-derived total cardiac volumes. Shugh, SB; Szugye, NA; Zafar, F; Riggs, KW; Villa, C; Lorts, A; Morales, DL S; Moore, RA. Pediatric Transplantation. 2020; 24.

Non-contrast three-dimensional gradient recalled echo Dixon-based magnetic resonance angiography/venography in children. Dillman, JR; Trout, AT; Merrow, AC; Moore, RA; Rattan, MS; Crotty, EJ; Fleck, RJ; Yoneyama, M; Wang, H; Tkach, JA. Pediatric Radiology. 2019; 49:407-414.

Can virtual heart transplantation via 3-dimensional imaging increase the maximum acceptable donor size?. Szugye, NA; Lorts, A; Zafar, F; Taylor, M; Morales, DL S; Moore, RA. Journal of Heart Transplantation. 2019; 38:331-333.

Three-dimensional printing and virtual surgery for congenital heart procedural planning. Moore, RA; Riggs, KW; Kourtidou, S; Schneider, K; Szugye, N; Troja, W; D'Souza, G; Rattan, M; III, BR; Taylor, MD; et al. Birth Defects Research. 2018; 110:1082-1090.

3D-printed models optimize preoperative planning for pediatric cardiac tumor debulking. Riggs, KW; Dsouza, G; Broderick, JT; Moore, RA; Morales, DL S. Translational Pediatrics. 2018; 7:196-202.

Three-dimensional printing in surgical planning: A case of aortopulmonary window with interrupted aortic arch. Moore, RA; Wallen, WJ; Riggs, KW; Morales, DL S. Annals of Pediatric Cardiology. 2018; 11:201-203.